Circuit Tracks: Waves


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64 presets (all with custom macros mirroring the hardware)


64 (5 additional texture samples are available in the download)

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Novation Tracks (not compatible with the original Novation Circuit)

Other Files

Installation Guide (PDF)
Circuit Tracks Pack file
64 Individual Patch Files

Embrace the waves

‘Waves’ is an interstellar collection of ambient patches for the Novation Circuit Tracks which brings you back down to earth with organic foley samples, synth drums and unique textures. Presets ranging from floating sonic landscapes, evolving waveforms and shimmering keys. We’ve recorded a range of unique foley such as water splashes and branch crunches which have also been layered further. If you’re looking to create something new with your Circuit Tracks, this pack will offer you a source of inspiration in forging your next creation. We’ve heavily concentrated on sound design, with empty projects waiting for your own ideas. Featuring 64 high quality presets including pads, keys and basses, 64 unique drum samples and a handful of additional texture recordings for you to swap out in the pack. This pack has something for everyone. 

Please note that this pack is compatible with the Novation Circuit Tracks only. Not compatible with the original Novation Circuit. 


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