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reactive noise enhancer

reactive noise enhancer


texturize your sound

texturize is an inspiring creative tool that adapts to any audio and seamlessly layers dense textures over the original sound. layer water splashes over hi hats. add lo-fi vinyl crackle to your piano. add paper rustling to a snare drum. transform any audio by choosing from over 200 original noise sources from retro recording devices, unique foley and organic rainfall, to modular synthesizers and electromagnetic drones. shape the texture using envelope controls, sculpt the frequency content with high-quality filters, plus import and store your own samples for instant recall. texturize is a simple and elegant solution to adding texture to any audio.

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Texturize reacts to your audio in realtime, layering your original sound to breathe new life into it. Add rustling leaves to electronic drums to offer a more organic sound, layer reactive vinyl or cassette crackle over your piano for a lofi feel, or add white noise to your melody to help it cut through your mix.



as audio is passed through texturize, the reactive texture can be shaped around your audio using the plugins ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ controls. slowly rise to peak volume and slowly fade out, or make it snap with fast rise and fall settings. you can even completely deactivate the shaping controls and solo the texture. 



Precise parallel 24db lowpass and highpass filters are included for sculpting the noise sources around your audio. Perfect for reducing sub-harmonics, focusing on high-end crackle or adding depth. You can also adjust the pitch of the Texture, perfect for tuning tonal textures to your input.

over 200 noise sources

We’ve designed a huge quantity of noisy sounds for you to get creative with. Choose from 6 categories – Devices, Electrowaves, Foley, Noise, Synth FX and Tonal.

sample import

Import your own samples into the User category and recall them for later use in your projects. Import Wav, MP3, Flac, AIFF and OGG formats.

waveform edit

sometimes you want to focus on one part of a sample. easily edit the start and end points of any sample with the built-in waveform window.​

quick access tools

mute the audio input to create new and unique rhythmic ideas. Switch off the envelope to use Texturize as a noise source or to help you fine-tune the texture to your liking.

life is full of noise and texture, yet it’s easy for music to sound sterile and lifeless. texturize was designed to help change that. take a look at some of the ways texturize can inject life into your music:

see what others have to say about texturize:





  • Adaptive envelope follower plugin (VST3/AU) with rise and fall controls
  • 200+ sounds included with built-in sounds browser
  • sample import with wav, mp3, flac, OGG AND AIFF formats supported + ‘user’ browser category
  • Parallel 24db high-pass and low-pass filters
  • Mute the Input signal to solo the selected texture
  • deactivate the envelope follower to assist editing or to use texturize as a noise source  
  • Waveform VIEW for EDITING start and end points 
  • MIDI control and automation supported
  • plugin window Resize functionality 
  • Native Apple silicon support


  • Any DAW that supports AU or VST3 plugins (Pro Tools/AAX not yet supported)
  • Mac OSX 10.12+ (includes native mac arm/m1 support)
  • windows 8+ (64 bit)
  • 500MB+ free Disk Space
  • 4GB+ RAM, modern CPU (INTEL I5 OR equivalent) RECOMMENDED 

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