Modal Argon8: Serenity


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Modal Argon8, Argon8M or Argon8X with firmware 2.2+

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A Serene Landscape

‘Serenity’ is an expertly crafted pack of dense and textured patches for the Modal Argon8 synthesizer, designed for creating your own atmospherics and cinematic moments. Every patch has been moulded from the ground up, utilizing the unique wavetables, modulation sources and filters to provide a distinctive collection that will fit into any producers toolkit.

Featuring sparse pads, soothing strings, delicate textures and glistening keys, ‘Serenity’ is an exercise is showcasing how beautiful the Argon8 can sound. All patches include mapping for the XY joystick and aftertouch so you can take the patches further – twist and morph the sounds or create your own atmospherics using them as a template. What aura will you craft?

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