Sub 37: Substance


  • 64 Moog Sub 37 and Subsequent 37 Presets
  • PDF installation manual included
  • Instant Download
  • Royalty-Free


Download Size



Moog Sub 37
Moog Subsequent 37
(Most recent firmware recommended)

Other Files

Installation Guide (PDF)

Explore Undeniable Moog Character

The Moog Sub 37 is a favourite in many studios and for good reason. In this new pack, we provide 64 characterful presets that offer a truly creative toolkit that will help you craft new ideas flowing in no time. From using the multiple modulation routings to create unique syncopated rhythms that create new song ideas from a simple press of a key, to the shaping of the characterful filter and multi-drive to forge creamy strings to downright disgustingly heavy basses, we’ve covered a large range of tones in this pack. You’ll find boomy distorted rhythms perfect for cinematic moments, polyrhythmic articulations for ambient and downtempo, mix-cutting leads for pop, thick duo organs and pads, delicate arpeggiators, dusty drones and more.

As with all our preset packs, you’ll find a PDF tutorial included inside the download folder to help you install the presets. You can also access our online guide here.

The main preset demo includes delay and reverb for demonstration purposes. No effects are available on the Sub 37. 

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