Circuit Tracks: Sunsets


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  • 64 Presets + 64 Drum Samples
  • Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • Compatible With Novation Circuit Tracks

64 presets (all with custom macros mirroring the hardware)



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Novation Tracks (not compatible with the original Novation Circuit)

Other Files

Installation Guide (PDF)
Circuit Tracks Pack file
64 Individual Patch Files

Embrace the sunset

‘Sunsets’ brings together elements of synthwave, ambient, pop and vaporwave, combining to bring a unique set of both classic and unique patches. Featuring 64 handcrafted presets focusing on analogue synthesis with a good dose of ambient pads and syncopated patterns. You’ll find a variety of ’80’s strings and keys, driving basses and warm pads inspired by classic synthesizers. We’ve also included 64 drum samples, from huge snares to classic and original 707, Simmons and DX drum machine samples found in popular synthwave and pop tracks. All the macro controls are set up to do exactly the same as the Tracks hardware labels, so you’ll never get lost in making the sounds your own. Add chorus, change filter frequency, change the volume of oscillator 2 or bring in more modulation. Make them your own and perform with ease.

‘Sunsets’ is a great collection of presets for anyone looking for a good dose of analogue warmth mixed with pretty pads, characterful leads and syncopated synths balanced with 80’s inspired drums that will cut through any mix.

Create your own sunset moment.

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Please note that this pack is compatible with the Novation Circuit Tracks only. Not compatible with the original Novation Circuit.  

We’ve heavily concentrated on sound design, with empty projects waiting for your own ideas – but you’ll also find the ‘Vestige’ project included to help get you started with a couple of useful patterns. We’ve also included all the sample files as a separate folder so you can use them in your other samplers/software. 


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