Tape Reels: Reflections


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  • 75 Samples (50 Loops, 25 One-Shots)
  • 294MB Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • Wav format loops and samples plus 25 Sampler Instruments

50 Loops
25 One-Shots

Download Size

(302MB Uncompressed)

Sampler Instruments

Instruments for:
Ableton Live (Live 10.1.15+)
Logic EXS24
Kontakt (Kontakt 5.8+, full version required)
Reason NNXT
Steinberg Halion


High quality Wav, 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate

Reflective Tape Loops

The first in our new Tape Reels mini sample pack series, ‘Reflections’ explores intricate melodic elements blended with tape artefacts, cycling synth harmonies and delicate piano performances – all sliced, diced and recorded onto tape. Recorded and produced by Peter Bark onto a Tascam 414 Portastudio and vintage Akai 4000DS reel to reel tape machine as well as eurorack tape modules, these beautiful and exquisitely produced layers are perfect for anyone looking to infuse ambient beds into their project or looking to dive in and experiment. From creating your own dense atmospheres to crafting new melodic ideas, this pack is a gorgeous inspirational toolkit for any producer that will help infuse both a reflective and experimental tone.

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