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granular cloud generator

granular cloud generator

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scatter your sound

‘Scatter’ is a granular plugin designed for creating scattered soundscapes from incoming audio. As audio is sent into Scatter, individual recorded loops (referred to as ‘grains’) playfully dance around the stereo field and audio buffer, combining to create unique & magical textures. Combine up to 64 grains to create smooth shimmer reverbs or select a smaller number to create sporadic randomised patterns. Spread the pitches of the grains over 4 octaves, lock them to individual pitches or add randomisation, then send them through an enormous ‘space’ reverb. Scatter your sound through time and space.

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discover ‘scatter’

  • generate up to 64 randomised grains from incoming audio to create granular clouds
  • use an intuitive user interface to form the sound of the grains to your taste
  • quickly and easily form beautiful granular textures with numerous tools to expand the soundscape

glowing particles of time

all the grains are beautifully displayed in the visualiser with their brightness and glow mirroring their amplitude. control the number of grains that are generated using the slider below the visualiser, allowing a maximum of 64 grains. 

pitch, lock, modulate

you can easily lock the pitch transposition control to chromatic, octaves, fifths and minor/major notches, then add random modulation to your taste via the outer ring. pitch modulation is where the magic happens with scatter, as it also changes the grain size. choose from 3 directions of pitch modulation: up, down or in both directions. scatter comes alive in octaves mode and is selected by default.

enter the void

you can never have enough reverb. ‘space’ is an additional reverb for the grains that imbues a dark and expansive character. once you’ve designed your grains, send them into space for a truly expansive sound. 

watch how scatter can add beautiful soundscapes to your music:




introductory 20% discount offer:


  • granular cloud generator plugin (VST3/AU)
  • Generate up to 64 grains WITH SIZE, PITCH AND SHAPE CONTROLS PLUS AN additional ‘space’ reverb
  • 5 pitch transposition modes – chromatic, octaves, fifths, minor and major with optional randomisation
  • Freeze the audio buffer for an endless soundscape
  • reverse grain playback to create reversed textures
  • feedback control for feeding the grains back into the audio buffer for longer decay times
  • MIDI control and automation supported
  • plugin window Resize functionality 
  • Native Apple silicon support (m1 + m2)


  • Any DAW that supports AU or VST3 plugins (Pro Tools/AAX not supported)
  • Mac OSX 10.12+ (includes native mac arm/m1/m2 support)
  • windows 8+ (64 bit)
  • 50MB+ free Disk Space
  • 4GB+ RAM, modern CPU (INTEL I5 OR equivalent) RECOMMENDED 

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