SoundGhost is a boutique sounds label offering creative music plugins, high-quality sample packs, synthesizer presets and virtual instruments. Our goal is to help you feel inspired when you make music.


Introducing our new plugin, SCATTER, a granular cloud generator. Create beautiful soundscapes from incoming audio, modulate the pitch, then send it through a huge reverb. SCATTER is a simple to use but huge in sound. 


Layer any sound with adaptive rainfall, vinyl crackle, electromagnetic drones, intricate foley and more. Includes over 200 sounds, envelope controls, high quality filters, quick access tools, plus you can even import your own sounds. Texturize your sound. 

Woodland Beats

Acoustic drum patterns combine with eclectic and organic percussion to form a drum pack perfect for accompanying alongside electronic music. With Loops spanning tempos between 100-140 BPM, this pack is a must-have for electronic producers wanting to add a natural, wooden flavour into their productions.

Lofi Garden

Warm acoustic textures combine with electronic elements to create a fresh and intricate lofi hip hop sample pack. Contains cozy acoustic and electric guitars loops, hazy pads and organic drum samples. 

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