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16 Open Source Oscillators
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Make your Korg Minilogue XD come alive. ‘Scattered’ is a high-quality collection of 40 ambient and atmospheric patches/presets for your Korg Minilogue XD. Inside you’ll find an assortment of beautiful keys, dreamlike pads, lo-fi atmospherics and classic strings, perfect for creating inspiring music. All the patches come with custom joystick mappings for the X+Y directions.

Featuring a custom set of 16 open source oscillators from eurorack oscillators, ‘Scattered’ is a must-have collection of presets for any Minilogue XD owner. Combining the unique oscillators with well thought out design and laser eye focus on quality over quantity, we’ve handpicked 40 presets which will provide an authentic and original palette of sounds for modern ambient creators.

We also have a multi-sampled version of this preset pack available. Check out SPIRE.


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