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Introducing “SPACE,” a new reverb plugin that again redefines simplicity without compromising on versatility. Designed with a minimalistic interface, SPACE allows you to effortlessly craft immersive reverbs, from intimate and tight rooms to expansive cavernous reverberations.

With intuitive controls at your fingertips, SPACE empowers you to tailor your reverb effect with precision and ease. Adjust the reverb damping to control the decay of reflections, giving you the flexibility to create environments ranging from tight and controlled to open and expansive. Size parameters allow you to seamlessly transition between the nuances of small rooms and the vastness of unique caverns, offering a spectrum of spatial possibilities.

Elevate your sonic experience by manipulating stereo width, providing a sense of dimensionality that suits your project’s unique needs. Whether you crave a focused mono reverb or a broad, panoramic soundscape, SPACE delivers the tools to shape your audio with ease.

Capture and sustain the reverb tail indefinitely using Freeze. Completely  freeze the reverb tail in time, transforming your sound into a completely new texture. Discover the power of simplicity with SPACE.

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introductory offer:


  • minimalist reverb plugin (VST3/AU)
  • control reflections with damping  
  • increase or decrease stereo width of the reverb tail
  • room size control, from tight rooms to cavernous reverbs
  • freeze the reverb tail infinitely  
  • MIDI control and automation supported
  • plugin window Resize functionality 
  • Native Apple silicon support (m1 + m2)

what you need:

  • Any DAW that supports AU or VST3 plugins (Pro Tools/AAX not supported)
  • Mac OSX 10.12+ (includes native mac arm/m1/m2 support)
  • windows 8+ (64 bit)
  • 50MB+ free Disk Space
  • 4GB+ RAM, modern CPU (INTEL I5 OR equivalent) RECOMMENDED 

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