frozen ambient soundscapes


  • Kontakt instrument with custom interface (Full version of Kontakt required, not Kontakt Player)
  • Ableton Simpler instrument with Push-Ready macros
  • 50 presets for both Kontakt and Ableton versions
  • 100 samples in Wav format with embedded loop markers

A lifeless landscape stands before you. The biting cold winds sweep around you as you take in the serenity and purity of the scenery. Icy peaks stretch towards the clouds on the horizon. You’re alone in this bitter wilderness, but you feel A SENSE of both peace and adventure. 

welcome to TUNDRA.

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Designed for the cinematic and ambient producer, ‘Tundra’ delivers an instrument and sample collection capable of creating ice cold pads, glassy tones and epic soundscapes. Crafted from modular synthesis sources & frozen in time with a series of reverb and granular effects, these samples are pure and smooth, designed to work like unique synth oscillators. Load up the provided Kontakt or Ableton instruments to combine and layer the samples into distinct layered instruments, or load up the raw samples into your preferred sampler – hardware or software. 

tundra for kontakt

the Kontakt instrument comes with a custom interface where the 100 uniquely crafted samples that can be mixed and matched with 2 layers, each with independent volume, pan and pitch. You also get access to controls for digital and tape-emulation effects to help add some grit, plus an expansive reverb and useful filters to help sculpt your desired sound. Click the dice icon to instantly randomise which samples are loaded and the effects applied, resulting in a plethora of sound possibilities at the click of a button. The Kontakt version also includes 50 original presets in 4 categories – expanses (pads), fields (keys), veils (chordal textures) and wastelands (drones).

tundra for ableton

The Ableton Live pack comes with one master instrument with same the 100 samples at it’s heart, featuring 8 assigned and Push-Ready macros to help craft your sound. You also get the same 50 presets copied over from the Kontakt version. We’ve created the Ableton Pack using Ableton Live 9, so it will work on any version above 9.7. 

ableton push-ready

The Ableton instrument and presets all come with 8 preassigned macros, making it instantly compatible with Ableton push. Load up the instrument and easily select your sample layers, volumes, amplitude shapes and FX straight from the hardware. 

100 original samples

tundra is a perfection solution for sound designers looking for a collection of sampler-ready sounds. the 100 originally crafted samples are provided in their own folder inside the download, ready to drop into your preferred sampler or DAW. Each file is tuned to C and contain embedded loop start-end metadata for easy and seamless looping.

simple design

tundra is part of our new ‘waves’ series of instruments, built with simplicity in mind while maintaining a high bar of quality. while multisample instruments are useful (where every single note is sampled) they’re not always desirable or needed. they’re also COMPUTER power hungry and take up a ton of hard drive space. most instruments don’t provide access to the original samples either. these packs are designed to overcome all those issues, providing a collection of samples specifically designed to give you the tools to help you craft new sounds.

what's in the download?

what's in the download?

  • Kontakt instrument with custom interface & 50 Kontakt presets (A full version of Kontakt is required – kontakt player will load in demo mode)
  • Ableton Live Pack including Simpler instrument with push-ready macros & 50 presets
  • 100 samples in Wav format with embedded loop start & end markers, designed specifically for use with samplers 


what do I need?

  • for the kontakt instrument: Kontakt 5.8.0+. The FULL version of Kontakt is required. Kontakt Player will load the instrument in DEMO mode. 
  • for the ableton live pack: Ableton 9.7+ (Live Lite, Intro, Standard and Suite compatible)
  • for the 100 samples: Any DAW or sampler capable of loading 24bit, 44.1khz Wav files.
  • 500MB Disk Space.

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