Korg Opsix: Monolith


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  • 40 Ambient Korg Opsix Presets
  • Instant Download
  • Includes PDF installation manual
  • All presets include modwheel assignments


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Korg Opsix
Korg Opsix Native Plugin

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Installation Guide (PDF)

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Embrace The Expanse

Whether you’re looking for shimmering keys or dense atmospheres, ‘Monolith’ is awash with gorgeous pads and unique melodic keys to sink your Opsix into. Inspired by ambient artists from Brian Eno to Boards of Canada and films like Bladerunner 2049, we’ve created a truly beautiful collection of presets that are bound to get new ideas flowing. We’ve really honed in on the unique architecture of the Opsix to provide a set of sounds that have to be heard and played to be believed.

‘Monolith’ is the perfect accompaniment to any Korg Opsix owner wishing for a unique palette of pads, keys and atmospheric patches to inject true ambiance into their synth. All presets include mod wheel assignments and true attention to detail. ‘Monolith’ should not be missed.


The presets are also compatible with the Opsix Native software. Installation instructions are included in the download.


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