Circuit Rhythm: Starlight


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  • 64 One Shots tuned to C, 48 Drum Samples & ‘Ambient Palettes’ Sample Pack including 75 samples (50 Loops, 25 One Shots)
  • Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • Compatible With Novation Circuit Rhythm + anything that can load Wav samples

188 samples (128 included in the Circuit Rhythm pack)

Download Size



Novation Circuit Rhythm
44.1khz, 24 bit Wav samples (compatible with any DAW/sampler that supports Wav)

Other Files

Installation Guide (PDF)
Circuit Rhythm Pack file
188 Individual Samples

Ambient Toolkit for Circuit Rhythm

The first in our series of Circuit Rhythm packs, ‘Starlight’ includes beautiful and expansive keys, pads and synth one-shot samples useful for ambient creators. We’ve also bundled in our Ambient Palettes sample pack, providing you with an incredible toolkit to experiment with your Circuit. 16 loops from Ambient Palettes are in the Circuit pack, and the rest are included as a separate folder for those that wish to experiment with other loops from the sample pack.

64 original ambient pads and keys have been intricately designed and recorded from a range of instruments, with every sample being tuned to C making it easy to craft melodies and soundscapes on the Rhythm. With 8 tracks at your disposal, it’s so easy to create dense atmospheres with this pack.

With Circuit Rhythm having a sample time limitation of 228-seconds, this can prove difficult when utilizing multiple samples with long decays or creating long evolving soundscapes. To get around this, we utilized a simple pitching trick for all the included melodic samples. You’re provided with 2 versions of each sample as separate folders – ‘Original’ and ‘Pitched’. ‘Pitched’ samples are pitched up by 12 semitones, shortening the sample which halves the sample time. If you turn the ‘Tune’ control on the Rhythm all the way down, the sample is returned to its original pitch and retains its length, all without sacrificing any quality. ‘Original’ samples are the unaltered samples if you want to drop them in instead.

We’ve also included 48 organic drum and foley samples, inspired by our ‘Waves’ pack for Circuit Tracks. Totaling at over 180 samples, ’Starlight’ provides you with all the tools to create downtempo, ambient, lo-fi and cinematic music quickly and easily with your Rhythm.

In the Circuit Rhythm Pack you’ll find:

64 Pad, Key and Synth one-shots tuned to C for melodic and soundscape creation (pitched)

48 drum samples (16 Kicks, 16 Snares, 8 Cymbals, 8 Foley)

16 Loops from Ambient Palletes, including sound beds and granular loops

In the pack download you’ll find:

1 Circuit Rhythm Pack (above)

Ambient Palletes – 75 samples (the original pack and a ‘pitched’ variation)

All samples from the Circuit Rhythm Pack in Wav format (all melodic samples include original + pitched variations)

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