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Modal Skulpt (firmware 2.0+)

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Enter A State Of Flow

Designed purely for the Modal Skulpt synthesizer, ‘Flow’ is a pack that embraces multiple forms of synthesiser preset design to provide a unique pack of 32 presets. Featuring a wide range of sounds from classic analogue strings to gorgeous, textured pads and disgustingly huge basses to delicate keys, ‘Flow’ is perfect for anyone looking for a varied but powerful pack of patches to help fuel their Skulpt sound palette.

In ‘Flow’ we set out to create a pack of presets that truly shows how the Skulpt can sit among the more expensive synthesisers and hold its own in multiple factors. Unleash the beast… or welcome the heavens? Just go with the flow.

A Modal Skulpt with firmware 2.0+ is required to use these presets.


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