808 Drums


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  • x2 Packs – ‘Multisamples’ including 980 One-Shot Samples, plus ‘Mini’ including 5 kits
  • 363MB Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • Wav format drum machine samples plus x5 Sampler Instrument presets

980 One-Shot Drum Samples

Download Size

Multisamples Pack: 363MB (510MB Uncompressed)
Mini Pack: 66MB (85 Uncompressed)


High quality Wav, 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate

Sampler Instruments

x5 Drum Kits for:
Ableton Live (Live 10.1.15+)
Battery 4
Circuit Tracks Pack
Circuit Rhythm Pack
Logic EXS24
Kontakt (Kontakt 5.8+, full version required)
OP-1 Field
Reason NNXT
Steinberg Halion

Pristine and dirty 808 drum machine hits

We sampled an original 808 through 5 distinctive and characterful signal chains in excruciating detail, providing you with one of the best and most versatile collections of original 808 drum samples you can own. Most 808 libraries record single hits for each drum, but they lack a distinctive part of the original drum machine which makes it such a classic… so not only did we record each drum, we recorded multiple variations of each hit. Kick tone, snare snappiness, cymbal decay, accents – you name it, we went there.

The end result is a library of samples that provides you with multiple options for swapping out different tonalities and decays from the original 808, rather than faking it. The 808 decay and accent controls, in particular, make a huge difference to the pitch envelope of the kick drum. We’ve also included multiple sampler instruments, all mapped to MIDI format so you can drag in your favourite MIDI loops and start jamming straight away.

Inside the library you’ll find these multi-samples in 5 folders, which are also available as sampler instrument presets:

  • Clean – UAD Apollo with no FX or colouration. Pristine!
  • Dusty Cassette – Authentic late 80’s cassette multi-track recorder. Dark and noisy.
  • Hot Tubes – Processed through a Thermonic Culture Vulture for plenty of saturation.
  • Old Tape – Recorded through a dodgy (almost broken) tape machine.
  • Smashed Compressor – Pushed through a UA1176 compressor with on ‘all buttons in’ mode.

You also get 5 MIDI format folders in the included ‘Mini’ pack so you can get access to the essential samples straight away – leaving room for you import them into your favourite sampler and swap them out with the multi-samples. Want more a kick with more decay, or a snare with more tone? Go for it! All the samples are neatly labelled and organised.

All samples are 100% royalty-free and come with sampler instruments for Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine, Battery, Kontakt (full version), Halion, SFZ, EXS24, Circuit Tracks/Rhythm and NNXT!

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