Volca FM: Shrines


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  • 32 Ambient Korg Volca FM Presets
  • Instant Download
  • Includes PDF installation manual
  • Royalty-free


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Korg Volca FM (compatible with both v1 and v2)

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Installation Guide (PDF)

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Glistening Shrines

Volca FM: Shrines features 32 original patches designed for those creating ambient, lofi, cinematic or anything in-between. We’ve included a range of analogue sounding pads, glass-like keys and experimental timbres, strings and more, offering you something different from your typical FM-sounding presets. A perfect match for those looking to coax out some warmth out of their Volca FM or looking for a great selection of pads and keys. ‘Shrines’ also works with the free DEXED application – so if you don’t own a Volca FM, you can still play these presets on your computer.

The demo is using the free Super Massive reverb plugin by Valhalla – there is no reverb on the Volca FM. 

To install these presets onto Volca FM you’ll need the following:

Korg Volca FM (v1 or v2)
1 MIDI cable
USB to MIDI Interface
Dexed (Free)

An installation guide is included in the download.


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