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  • 40 MicroFreak Presets
  • 16 Unique Wavetables
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Arturia MicroFreak – Firmware v4.01+

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40 Inspiring MicroFreak Presets & Wavetables

Taking advantage of the new oscillator shapes and the addition of user wavetables introduced in recent MicroFreak firmware updates, ‘Drift’ is a collection of patches that experiments with texture, noise, pitch drifting, analog inspired warmth and digital wavetable timbres. You get access to 40 inspired presets including warm lofi pads, bright keys, analogue basses and 16 custom wavetables from a range of sources including additive synthesis, modular oscillators and textural experimentations.

The result is a pack that embraces both the warm characteristic of analogue synths provided by the Noise Engineering oscillators and the glassy tones of wavetable synthesis, while also offering a range of presets that experiment with the original oscillator shapes. All presets include modulation routing for the unique keybed. Just by adding more skin contact to the keybed you can add more pitch drift on an analogue pad, increase the number of harmonics in a metallic wavetable or increase the speed of modulation. If you’re creating ambient, lofi, synthwave, electronica or anything in between, this pack is an inspiring solution to help include your MicroFreak into your next project.

As with all our preset packs, you’ll find a PDF tutorial included in the download to help you install the presets and wavetables. You can also access our online guide here.

The main preset demo includes reverb provided by Valhalla SuperMassive for demonstration purposes. No reverb effects are available on the MicroFreak. No effects are present on the preset examples above.

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