Cuban Percussion


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  • 257 Samples (205 One Shots, 52 Loops)
  • 155MB Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • Wav format loops and samples plus x21 Sampler Instruments

205 One-Shots
52 Loops

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Sampler Instruments

Instruments for:
Ableton Live Drum Rack (Live 10.1.15+)
Logic EXS24
Kontakt (Kontakt 5.8+, full version required)
Reason NNXT
Steinberg Halion


High quality Wav, 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate

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Authentic and Versatile Cuban Drums

Dive into the classic sound of Cuban percussion with this sample library featuring over 200 one-shots, all recorded in high-fidelity. We’ve got it all – Timbales, Congas, Maracas, Bells and more, all recorded with multiple variations performed by a seasoned percussionist. These aren’t your typical one-shots – we’ve taken extra pride in providing multiple performances of different percussive techniques, from hand slaps, finger rolls and elbow bends to flams, rimshots and tremolos to provide ultimate versatility when creating your own patterns.

All the one-shots are also available as sampler instruments for Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt (full version), Halion, SFZ, EXS24 and NNXT, ready to integrate into your project. 50 loop performances are also included to help you get started!

One Shots/ Sampler Instruments: Bongo, Bongo Bell, Cajinto, Cajon, Cata, Cha Bell, Chekere, Clave, Conga, Guicharo, Guira, Guiro, Itotele, Iya, Jamblock, Mambo Bell, Maraca, Okonkolo, Timbale, Tumba.

Loop stems included: Bata (19), Cajon (20), Chekere (6), Maraca (2) and Timbale (5) instruments. BPM’s: 70, 100, 120, 130.

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