FM Drums


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  • 440 High quality 24 bit, 44.1khz Wav format samples + 50 MIDI grooves
  • 500MB Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • 10 Drum Kits, each including 16 One-Shot Samples

390 One-Shot Drum Samples
50 Audio Loops
50 MIDI Grooves

Download Size

(580MB Uncompressed)


High quality Wav, 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate

Sampler Instruments

x10 Drum Kits for:
Ableton Live (Live 10.1.15+)
Battery 4
Circuit Tracks Pack (2 packs, 4 kits each)
Circuit Rhythm Pack (1 pack, 8 kits)
Logic EXS24
Kontakt (Kontakt 5.8+, full version required)
MPC Programs (MPC Software, MPC Live, MPC One etc)
OP-1 Field
Reason NNXT
Steinberg Halion

FM Synthesis Unleashed

FM Drums includes a huge variety of explosive snares, glassy and hollow percussion, resonant cymbals and sub-filling kicks that only FM synthesis can provide. All created with hardware FM synthesizers, this collection covers such a huge range of colours and styles that there’s something in here for everyone. From short, percussive clicks and rimshots to booming 808-like kicks and metallic snares that cut through any mix, this pack contains a plethora of useful drum sounds. We recorded all the sounds directly onto an analogue tape deck, providing extra warmth and a layer of vintage character.

With 390 original drum sounds, you also get 10 drum kits formatted for multiple samplers and 50 MIDI grooves ready to use with the kits (also included as 50 audio loops). FM Drums contains multiple tools to help you get new drum ideas down quickly. 

Inside the pack you’ll find pre-formatted drum kits for Ableton Live, Maschine, Kontakt, OP-1 Field, Novation Circuit Tracks/Rhythm, MPC Programs (Live/One etc), Logic EXS24 and more. 


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