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  • 75 Samples (50 Loops, 25 One-Shots)
  • 363MB Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty-free
  • High quality 24 bit Wav format loops and one shots

50 Loops
25 One-Shots

Download Size

(592MB Uncompressed)


High quality Wav, 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate

Dreamy & Melancholic Guitars

If you’re looking for jazzy chord progressions and dreamy Lofi chords, look no further that this pack of Lofi Guitars! Expertly performed and produced by guitar maestro Rebecca Mardal, this collection is guaranteed to bring your track that cosy Sunday afternoon feeling. We’ve also processed all of the samples onto on old and trashy tape deck, so you get 2 versions – clean and taped, just incase you fancy some extra cassette crunch. 

You get 50 loops plus a collection of 25 one shot chords, perfect for dropping into a sampler and making your own progressions. Each sample perfectly infuses the melancholic Lofi aesthetic, making it a must-have pack for anyone producing Lofi, Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB and more. 

Drums in demo from Nostalgic Lofi and Lofi Expanses

Noise in demo from Nostalgic Lofi

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