Spire: Hybrid Synth Samples


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  • 40 Kontakt and Ableton Live Presets (note: not compatible with Kontakt Player)
  • 2GB instant download per format, each containing 1336 multi-samples
  • 100% Royalty-free patches and samples
  • Access to the high quality Wav format multi-samples included in each download

1336 Samples
(49 individual notes sampled per preset)
Each sample includes loop markers (if applicable)

Download Size

2.5GB (Kontakt)
1.8GB (Ableton)
(2.7GB Uncompressed per format)

Sample Format

High quality Wav, 24 bit, 44.1khz sample rate

Sampler Instruments

40 Presets for:
Ableton Live (version 10.1 and above required)
Kontakt (version 5.8.1 and above, full version of Kontakt required – not Kontakt Player)

Hybrid Synthesizer Multi-Samples

‘Spire’ is a bank of 40 multi-sampled synthesizer patches, all sampled directly from the Minologue XD synthesizer and forged into a set of ambient sampler presets. To create Spire, we sampled the raw waveforms from each preset from our popular ‘Scattered’ preset pack, then remade the presets in Kontakt and Ableton Live. Each patch comes with unique and subtle differences to the original synth sounds, but honours and preserves the original vision in a completely different format- a lush set of playable atmospheric sounds that will help inspire your next track. The result is a collection of useful patches that can be reworked with your own filters, envelopes, modulation and FX.

The original ‘Scattered’ project saw us blend the raw analog waveforms with renown Mutable Instruments oscillators using the onboard user engine, and Spire captures that range of timbres and places them directly in your sampler of choice. From glistening metallic-like pads in ‘Sacrament’ to analog strings in patches like ‘Prophecy’, Spire is a truly inspiring toolset that provides you with the unique sound of this modern synth.

The raw Wav samples are also included, making it accessible to any software or sampler that supports the format. We’ve painstakingly looped each individual sample (where applicable) and included loop marker metadata in the files, making life easier (if your sampler can read the metadata!). For example, you could drag the samples into Kontakt to make your own patch, and each sample will automatically and seamlessly loop as Kontakt can read loop metadata. Easy!

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